Princess Annalee


Telefon:775 992 511

Provozní doba:dle dohody

Orientační cena:neuvádí




Prsa č.:2,00

Velikost nohy:37,00

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Princess Annalee
I am a petite Asian girl and I love to play. I can discipline you, trample you with my tiny feet, smother you with my crotch, pee in your mouth and all over your body, fuck you with my strap-on, beat you, or torture your nipples, cock and balls. With me you can enjoy both a soft and playful session to find what you like as well as a hard and cruel treatment. I can be very generous and kind but do not expect any compassion if you are not a man enough and cannot stand what you asked for.

What you can expect - teasing, trampling, foot and shoe worship, face sitting in panties, wrestling, breath play, spitting, peeing, forced or delayed orgasm, strap-on fuck, torturing of nipples, cock and balls.

What you cannot expect - sex with me, licking my pussy and butt, bare face sitting, blood and feces, irreversible damage.

I work in my studio and am available weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, late evenings or weekends by appointment only.

List of things I enjoy the most. There are many other practices that I like. Just ask me, I am curious about your dreams and dark desires and I will be happy to to help you fulfill them.

Soft play
I love to tease and to try what you like. You can relax and enjoy, but do not forget who is the boss here. This is good for first timers or people who want to play.

Foot and shoe worshipping
My little brown feet love kissing, licking and massage so much. I enjoy trampling your face, body and penis, pushing you to smell my socks or pantyhose, and watching you cleaning dirty soles of my shoes.

Role play
Want to enjoy a military drill? How about being humiliated by a young student or punished by a strict teacher? Or maybe you prefer to be imprisoned and tortured by a sadistic police officer?

Anal play
I will stretch your ass with my fingers and toys and then I will fuck the hell out of you with my strap-on. I will hold your balls tight, not allowing you to cum. And then, at the end, I will milk you dry while fucking your ass deep.

Cock and ball torture
I love roping your poor penis and balls and slapping, kicking and torturing them. Not even your nipples escape my nimble fingers. Do not be surprised if I laugh at your suffering, I really enjoy it.

My studio is located in Prague 9. It is equipped with a cross, punishment bench, immobilization chair, cage, gynaecological chair and a golden shower room. You can expect privacy, you will not meet any other clients.

The studio is just a few steps away from the metro and bus station Českomoravská (yellow metro line, bus 151 and 152) and within walking distance from the tram station Divadlo Gong (tram 1, 6, 14).